4G, What I think!

With the uptake of 4G here in the UK and the recent announcement from RIPE regarding the end of the IPv4 allocation I think the future is really starting to shape up. With the 4G roll out ever more devices will be connecting to the WWW so this is an opportunity for the uk ISPs to begin the migration to ipv6!!! (I can only hope anyway, although they’re signs of this – ipv6.bt.com).

Our government is currently committed to rolling out fast broadband either by 4G or fibre to most of the UK within the next couple of years. while the infrastructure is being rolled out technology for online services such as VoIP, IPTV and HTML5 is moving fast so much as the technology is being rolled out before the standards are being finalised!


I am an IT support Technician working in the legal industry trying to keep up with the fast moving economy

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