Could 2012 Be The Year for IPv6?

After IPv6 Day went ahead in June last year, with major players such as Google and Yahoo taking part, we now have a date for our calendars for a major step in the migration to IPv6 A selection of ISPs, hardware manufacturers and content providers all aiming to be IPv6 ready by 6 June 2012. notably they seem to be the other side of the Atlantic, however it is for sure that we along with the rest of Europe will have to follow suite, as for Asia, they are already ahead in the IPv6 migration!

This all comes after we officially run out of IPv4 addresses last year. For the normal end user there shouldn’t be any notable difference, however for content, network and hardware providers this will open the doors for new technology and the ability to take advantage of all the new native functionality such as Unicast, Multicast, Anycast, Security, QoS, Pubic IP address for all devices and many more!!!

The question is now, who in the UK will be joining the IPv6 Launch?


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