IPTV – Here we come!

If you live in the UK and have Freeview HD which is connected to the internet you will now be able to pick up a few more channels which are being broadcast over the internet (IPTV). Among the first channels will be a few channels being broadcast from China (CCTV).
As Fibre Optic is being rolled out across the UK I can’t help wonder, how long will it be before “Over the Air” TV becomes something of the past!

Isn’t it quite ironic that the “Digital Switch Over” is taking so long that by the time it is complete it will be out dated with newer technology! People in the UK are already having to replace their digital set-top boxes with HD boxes.

I personally think that Steaming TV over the Internet is the future and will truly open up international services complementing and even encouraging the transition to IPv6. On this front it is also worth noting that although the Youview service due to launch next year won’t initially use IPv6 it is in the technical specification for future use on Youview.


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