Loyalty doesn’t pay!

In previous years, people would be loyal to their providers such as Insurers, Internet Providers and utility companies. Now a days companies reward their customers by raising prices or offering new customers “Better deals” and Introductory prices. Fair enough you may get offered a deal when you ring to cancel, but in fairness you shouldn’t need to.

I am now to the point where I “Review” all my Utility companies, Internet Provider and Insurers annually and change to the best deal at the time.  Lots of people don’t switch because “It’s too much hassle”. Never think that, the amount of money you can save every year by switching is in the hundreds and it’s better in your pocket than the “Share Holders” Pockets.

If you do change, find your cheapest providers on a comparison site then note down the top 5 company names, close your browser then either delete your cookies or use another browser and go to www.topcashback.co.uk then find the companies through that site and you can get even more money for switching, it does take up to 3 months to clear but it is better than nothing.

Comparison sites get a referral fee for sending you to the companies site, cash back sites gives the customer a slice of the referral fee so you get the benefits, don’t just take my word google it and see others who have benefit.


I am an IT support Technician working in the legal industry trying to keep up with the fast moving economy

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