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4G, What I think! 0

4G, What I think!

With the uptake of 4G here in the UK and the recent announcement from RIPE regarding the end of the IPv4 allocation I think the future is really starting to shape up. With the...

Netflix – International TV/Media Services are here! 0

Netflix – International TV/Media Services are here!

With the recent infiltration of Netflix into the UK Media Services I can’t help but feel this is just the beginning of International competition for providing on-line entertainment. At the moment Netflix seem to...

Could 2012 Be The Year for IPv6? 0

Could 2012 Be The Year for IPv6?

After IPv6 Day went ahead in June last year, with major players such as Google and Yahoo taking part, we now have a date for our calendars for a major step in the migration...

IPTV – Here we come! 0

IPTV – Here we come!

If you live in the UK and have Freeview HD which is connected to the internet you will now be able to pick up a few more channels which are being broadcast over the...

Loyalty doesn’t pay! 0

Loyalty doesn’t pay!

In previous years, people would be loyal to their providers such as Insurers, Internet Providers and utility companies. Now a days companies reward their customers by raising prices or offering new customers “Better deals”...

Smart Phone Revolution 0

Smart Phone Revolution

I currently use an android touch screen phone (HTC Desire) along with a growing number of users who are leaving behind the mobile phone for the “Smart” Phone. The ability to manage your emails...

Welcome to Phil’s Blog 0

Welcome to Phil’s Blog

Welcome to my blog,   I have finally decided to put up this blog in replace of my old and out-dated “My Sp*ce” Site.  I hope to build this up over the coming weeks!