Recently I was one of many who received a letter from sky notifying me of an 8% increase to my TV package, to put it in perspective, I currently pay for the basic TV package (Original Bundle) without any other services so am currently paying £20 which is set to increase to £21.60 in March.  I’m, still within my minimum contract (just) so there really isn’t much I can do about this increase until my contract ends in April.

At first I was quite annoyed as I’d committed to use Sky’s services for a set 12 month period and Sky hasn’t even got the curtesy of keeping to the price they offered when I signed the contract; however that started me thinking about value for money and alternative offerings out there.

Another example of “Loyalty Doesn’t Pay”!

I have the standard Sky plus HD box which is very much geared towards pushing customers to upgrade or pay for extras. For example the home screen heavily pushes boxsets and as soon as the customer selects the “Hot Picks” they are prompt to upgrade, which is in my view self-promoting.  This theme of self-promoting carries on throughout the sky service such as on the Sky Go App giving the user the option of downloading programs and then only at the last minute prompting the customer to upgrade Sky Go Extra (I’d call this teasing the customers).

Enough is enough

Over the past decade sky have become so commercialised that they seem to have overlooked the rising competition with the likes of Netflix and Amazon making a big mark.  Sky has tried to compete with Amazon and Netflix by bringing along Now TV however this service is in such as position that they are competing with themselves and making their sister company (Sky TV) even more irrelevant when it comes to TV services.

The end of my contact is due within the next few months and with the price increase I defiantly want to be reviewing this.  The main channels I watch on sky are the popular channels (Sky 1, Atlantic, FOX and Living Etc…) and with having internet speeds of more than 10Mbps it make sense that I take into online offerings.  To get the sky channels I watch I can buy Now TV passes from Currys or Argos for £15 for three months (£5 a month) already saving £15 a month or £199 per year.  The money saved on Sky I can now use for adding more TV services such as Netflix for £7.49 a month for the middle package and Amazon for £5.99 a month).

To Conclude

What I’ve come to realise is that for the price of the very basic Sky package with ads and never-ending prompts to upgrade I can Sign up for Amazon Video, Netflix and Now TV and still save £3.12 a month with the advantage of not being tied into a contract at all!