A budget Windows Tablet with an RRP of £174.99; however if you look around you can pick one up for around £120 which is a steal!


Hipstreet W10 Pro

When purchasing this I had low expectations with the price being so low and I was accustom to the Surface RT which despite its Windows RT faults; was of fantastic quality. This is why I was so surprised when unpacking the HipStreet W10 Pro that the build quality really isn’t that bad! The case is plastic with a glass touchscreen display along with the customary windows touch button underneath the main display.

The keyboard / docking station lets this tablet down, the layout of the keys take some getting used to (the layout doesn’t feel natural) and the way the stand works is a bit messy with folds and magnets everywhere in order to build the cover up into a stand but it is functional and does serve it’s purpose.

This is an Intel based tablet with the time limited free upgrade offer to windows 10, I personally prefer windows 10 so upgraded straight out of the box; which gives it the new interface along with the universal app store and edge etc. This was the main purpose of me replacing my Microsoft Surface RT with this tablet.

The upgrade process is pretty painless and with a decent internet connection downloads and installs in less than a couple of hours, I set it going and went off to do something else checking up on it from time to time.

Once upgraded to Windows 10 the tablet really comes into it’s element with all the new features Windows 10 offers such as the ability to switch between tablet and Desktop mode, the notification bar and not forgetting Cortarna. As I had used my Microsoft account with other Laptops my app, desktop and Wi-Fi settings were pulled down from the cloud to the tablet which saved a lot of time!

The tablet has two 2MB cameras on facing and one on the back, I doubt anyone would be winning any photography prizes with these, however for video conferencing and selfies these do the job, various apps such as the windows camera app are available from the Windows Store. There is a port for a Micro SD card which takes up to 128GB card (I bought a 64GB one straight as the standard internal 32GB isn’t going to get you very far as Windows it’s self takes up over 10GB, however it can be a pain to get standard windows programs to install directly to the SD card as it’s seen as a removable drive so you need to keep this in mind.

For £120 – £175 (depending on where you buy this from) you can’t go wrong, okay the shell is plastic, but it doesn’t feel very tacky at all, the keyboard layout is US, doesn’t feel natural and case itself is a little clunky with various folds to build the stand but isn’t too bad as long as your using it on a flat surface.

If your thinking about getting a Surface pro 3/4 but the price puts you off then I would certainly recommend this as an entry level windows tablet.

Hipstreet W10 Pro




Value for Money







  • Upgradable to Windows 10
  • Responsive
  • Excellent Value for Money
  • USB Port


  • Poor case design
  • Quite heavy
  • Poor keyboard layout (and non UK)
  • The tablet detaches from the keyboard a bit too easily