This year has certainly not been the best year for Formula 1, most races have been dominated by Mercedes, Red Bull spat the dummy out and nearly ended up competing with a “Flintstone” car next year and all the while Bernie is thinking up ways to sell his stake in F1.

The direction of Formula 1 has also become very confusing, they want to encourage development of more economic technologies using smaller engines with hybrid systems while also wanting to limit development and cut costs. Someone needs to make their mind up and choose which direction the sport is going as you can’t have both after all the fans want to see fast cars racing without all the “lifting off” and “Fuel saving mode”.

By pedrik on flicker via Creative Commons

My Ideas

  • At the end of the year have full technical disclosure between the different teams to make it a more level playing field at the beginning of the next year
  • Get rid of development tokens
  • Remove fuel caps, maybe offer other incentives for efficiently or even just jet sharing! (even drivers seem to have their own jets)
  • Get rid of brand based compensation
  • Oh and get rid of these bl**dy engine modes!

A big threat to Formula 1 is coverage, in the UK we have lost free to air on half of the live races and the way things are looking they are all set go to Subscription TV (Sky) which as they have exclusive deals can attach large prices. Exclusivity for sports coverage in general makes it unaffordable to watch and loses fans. Understandably the sport needs to raise revenue but surly not at the expense of losing fans. If the coverage was offered by more than one provider in a country that would open up competition and make the likes of sky sports more competitive.

I’m looking forward to next year, especially interested to see HAAS on the grid along with the new Manor Team and even more curious to see where Maclaren will fit in, will they be fighting with the back markers or the middle (I very much doubt they will be competing with Mercedes or Ferrari just yet!)